Nothing says you're in your twenties like ripped tights.


What's better than rainy days and Talking Heads?
Life is a wind tunnel.
There is something nostalgic about getting up really early when it is still dark out and no one is on the streets. It's the same feeling I get when I get out of a chlorine pool and I almost want to cry. There must be something about this darkness and those chemicals that is intrinsically linked to my childhood, to when my mother used to hold me in her arms and I knew everything would be okay.
"The family pictures picture the family, often as happy (the bodies that gather smile, as if the smile were the point of the gathering). At the same time, the pictures put aside what does not follow this line, those feelings that do not cohere as a smile."
-- Sarah Ahmed, "Becoming Straight"


I would take back the strict
high school regime of
to friday
in a heartbeat if it meant that
would mean something
-- anything --

Fuck this getting drunk every night of the week shit.

Gimme Gimme Gimme - Dirty Projectors

Happy Saturday morning!

Immaturity in a squeeze tube.


I don’t know how
Shakespeare would define evil
Or really care
About anything besides
The tired voice of my mother
Going on and on about American Idol
On the other end of this receiver
Or the cancer
Seeping into my brain
Because my mother is going on and on
About American Idol on the other end of this receiver.

Technology is out to get us.
Of this I am sure.

And I have to wonder
Who actually calls in their votes?